The competition in the real estate market is very high and has grown rapidly in recent years. That is why, in order to develop in this sphere successfully, you need to have not only offline but also online professional marketing skills.

Nowadays real estate agents still play a big role in the home buying business. However, more and more buyers are striving to bring the entire process into online. According to a study by the National Association of Realtors, 92% of buyers turn to the Internet when they decide to buy a home. It is this fact that drives real estate agents to be active online. In modern realities, if you are not ready to be actively present on the network, you will not be able to withstand the competition in this field.

Now we will share with you some tips, the main purpose of which is to help you stand out from other companies.

1. Have social media accounts

You should create pages in all well-known social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. You can chat with users, share news, or advance your property.

2. Put social sharing on property pages

Usually, shoppers want to send photos of a house they like to friends or family. So if you add social media buttons to your website, you will not only make life easier for clients, but also enhance your reputation.

3. Track your competitors

You should always know how other realtors’ sites look like? Are they active on social media? It will also be useful to pay attention to what mistakes your competitors make so that you can avoid them later and possibly repeat their success!

4. Make it easy to reach out to you

Place your contact information on every page of your website. To grab more client attention, your contacts need to be impressive.

5. Make a business card

Create an external attractive business card and give it out.

6. Show the area

For the majority, not only the house itself is important, but also the area in which it is located. Showcase the value of your area with quality, beautiful photographs.

7. Create a content proposal to attract leads.

A good way to reach leads is by offering free ebooks in exchange for an email address and postal code.

8. Have a professional photographer in your team

Success in real estate largely depends on quality, beautiful photography. Bad photographs dampen clients’ interest in even the best property. This is why it is very important to hire a professional photographer, preferably with experience in photographing houses and architecture.

9. Offer a virtual tour.

Homebuyers want to know as much information about a property as possible before visiting personally.

10. Fund local events

You can sponsor local festivals, sports teams, or school events. This will help in your promotion, you can place ads on T-shirts or flyers.

11. Create video

Short nice high-quality videos can make your business recognizable. To associate these videos with your brand, you can add local attractions or unique features to your videos.

12. Use Pinterest

With Pinterest boards you can collect information about an individual property. It can include not only photographs, but also, for example, the main advantages of the area.

13. Customize your site for mobile devices

80% of people prefer to use their mobile devices to access the Internet. It is important that your site is mobile-friendly. The best option is to create a mobile application that will be useful for buyers to view property listings.

14. Send a Newsletter.

You can use email marketing in your business. Email clients notifications of upcoming open days, new houses, that you offer, news about seminars.

15. Use an Email Nurture Campaign

You can interact with your customers based on their previous activities. Create and submit content that will help buyers decide what to do next, depending on where they are now.

16. Come up with your own niche

In the face of high competition in real estate, it would be a good decision to take your own niche. You can choose, for example, real estate for pet owners or for families with children. Developing productively in this narrow area will help remember you.

17. Make interesting storytelling

When offering real estate, tell an interesting story that will affect people. You can also add visual effects.

18. Host a webinar.

The webinar will help attract the attention of potential customers to your brand. Moreover, if you record a video based on it, it can become cool video content that diversifies your website.

19. Develop social media ads

Investing in social media advertising is a good way to develop your business. In the modern world, the coverage of social networks is growing. Plus, many of their reps have a variety of good targeting features to ensure you pay only for your key target audiences.

20. Don’t give up old ways of advertising

The development of the Internet has moved online advertising. However, traditional advertising methods still work. You can send postcards to potential buyers.

21. Write to local media

If you want your company to know, you can write publications in local magazines or newspapers. Perhaps you can write a column or article. But remember, readers don’t like being overtly forced to buy. Instead, try to demonstrate your knowledge.

22. Organize free seminars

Conduct a basic workshop on home buying and mortgages. Customers want you to share some of your knowledge for free before they pay. This will help establish connections with future buyers.

23. Use branding

Branding can be your good friend and help you promote your business. Give away signature treats at local events to advance your brand.

24. Collaborate with local businesses

It will be beneficial for your business to build relationships with other local businesses. Try to find companies that can put your logo on their products.

25. Ask customers to write a review

New buyers often turn to reviews. You need to show that people like your services. Therefore, if the client was satisfied with your work, ask him to write a positive review about your company. You can not only post them on the site, but periodically share them on social networks.

26. Make sure your website is good

Place all useful information on the pages of the website, and try to make it as easy as possible for users to access it. Add high-quality photos, virtual tours, nearby shops, cafes, access to Google Maps, and Google Earth.

27. Make a easy navigation on your website

Everyone who visits your site should be satisfied, so you should design your site so that it is easy for user to navigate.

28. Build a locally-oriented site

Incorporating a few local words in your site will ensure your service is found by buyers looking for homes in your area.

29. Use a scheduling app

A timetable sharing app helps to arrange when a home is shown to buyers. The Doodle app is a good example.

30. Provide a local service package

After your relationship with the client is over, send them movie and theater tickets or restaurant gift cards. This will help them remember your brand and possibly they will share your contacts with friends, family, and acquaintances.

31. Stay in touch

Maintain relationships with former customers, send anniversary cards, holiday cards. And if someone of their acquaintances needs a real estate agent, they will share your contacts.

32. Use the referral system

Encourage past clients to refer you to potential home buyers.

33. Track calls

In most cases, people prefer to use their phone when looking for a realtor or making an appointment to view an apartment or house. You can track which ads and keywords are causing calls.


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