We want to share with you websites where you can download 3D models for free and use them for CAD modeling and 3D printing.


Contains one hundred million 3D parts and drawings that are used in mechanical engineering, aerospace, automotive and many other industries.

Models are compatible with all the most popular CAD programs, including SolidWorks, Catia, Creo, Inventor, AutoCAD, Solid Edge, TopSolid, Geomagic Design, Kompas 3D, SpaceClaim, SketchUp, Autodesk REVIT, ZW3D, Draftsight, HiCAD, TurboCAD, T -FLEX, SolidFace, Elecworks, Gstarcad, IronCAD, MagicPart, SolidWorks Electrical, DesignSpark Mechanical, DesignSpark Electrical.

Most neutral CAD formats are also supported: DWG, DXF, IGES, STEP, SAT, JT, STL, VRML.

A quick visual assessment can be made before uploading – to view the 3D model in a browser after registration.



A Cambridge-based startup that has created a free, cloud-based collaboration environment that helps teams of engineers manage, share, and view files. The service also provides access to the world’s largest community of engineers.



3D ContentCentral

Online catalog of 3D models of certified users and suppliers of parts. Suitable for any industrial or mechanical engineering sector. The project is supported by SolidWorks and an active community.



A site offering free certified 2D and 3D CAD models from global manufacturers from over 400 catalogs.



More than 4500 highly realistic models of radioelements and electrical components with all details in STEP AP214 format. The format is ideal for importing into almost all CAD programs.

Autodesk Gallery

A platform for designers and engineers, allows you to download and share 3D models, rendered images, files, CAD models.


The online platform allows designers and modeling studios to upload, sell or share their 3D models with the community. The database contains 750 thousand models for computer graphics, virtual or augmented reality and games, three-dimensional printing. You can find everything from jewelry and miniatures to engineering parts specially prepared for various 3D printing processes.

Depending on the wishes of the designer, the model can be sold or sent to Sculpteo, a cloud-based 3D printing service. CGTrader is trusted by over 100 Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Adobe, Nvidia.

With a large community, CGTrader makes it easy for CG designers and artists to share ideas, showcase their work, receive valuable feedback. It is possible for employers to hire a designer for a special job.

Benefits of product optimization with 3D design software:

  1. Based on the 3D model, you can quickly get all planes, sections or nodes.
  2. Easy to make edits: when you change the model, all drawings are automatically changed.
  3. Speeding up the project development process and reducing the number of errors.
  4. A 3D model is much more informative. You can immediately imagine how the product or structure will look in space.


The physical prototypes are costly and cause a lot of time to be lost and late to market. 

Rendering has undeniable advantages, for example, you can see how an object that does not yet exist in nature will look like, which can be used in advertising and presentations to an investor.

In many cases, using a 3D model serves as a less expensive use of marketing tools and also makes life easier for developers, leaving more time and energy for optimization.


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We want to share with you websites where you can download 3D models for free and use them for CAD modeling and 3D printing. Traceparts Contains one hundred million 3D…

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